Placements 2010-11

About this site

This site is meant for Electrical Engineering students of Final Year, pursuing their B. Tech. degree from MNNIT, Allahabad.
It is meant to discuss and help each other for their placements by providing a forum for exchange and discussion of questions frequently asked in company interviews.

What you should upload

Questions asked in company interviews.
Questions you expect could be asked by recruiting companies.
Questions you get through from other portals and competition magazines.

What kind of questions should you upload

Tech as well as HR…
Tech includes C and Computer Awareness.

Why should you upload

Just to complete a good database and to help your friends, who may face the same questions in their interviews.

What this site is NOT meant for

NOT meant for social networking and discussing snippets
NOT meant for boasting of one's knowhow and knowledge
NOT meant for putting up messages to be floated in the class.

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