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1. if no players are 27. how many min matches will be there to declare the winner in a knockout tournament.
2. wat is linklist ?
3. Use of ternary operator ?

Thought Works by Pulkit SrivastavaPulkit Srivastava, 05 Aug 2010 11:21

Correction on question 6(Tech) from Arijit: Strain gauge is used for: (Ans. is force to displacement, not pressure).
There were 32 Apti questions and 40 Tech questions. 45 s each for apti and 60 s each for tech. Easy questions in tech were difficult and High questions were easy. In apti, data interpretation was kind of strange because a few questions were based on terms not defined in the formulae. The DI question was on the profit of banks and its productivity… questions were like how many employees and what percentage are working in Bank of India and all.. Formulae were defined below the table. So was kind of easy but not very clear.

And in the meanings, i used (45 seconds in CC were enough.) I used even for one tech question. (Merz Price protection) Here are a few questions you have missed out. I don't remember many so other people should keep adding.
1. A: B=1:3 and X: Y=1:3. Then (A+X):(B+Y)=?
2. An eskimo is standing in a conical igloo. He is 60 m tall and his head only touches the igloo. His son has a playing area on the ground of 4500 sq. m (not the exact data) without touching the ceiling with his head. What is the height of the son.
3. If the price of salt increases by 60%, by what percentage should a family reduce its consumption so that it does not spend any extra money on salt?
4. Value of a commodity is proportional to square of diameter and also proportional to thickness. If the value of two goods are in the ratio 2:1 and their diameters are also in the ratio 2:1, what is the ratio of their thickness?
5. There are 5 Red 7 Black balls in one basket and 3 Red 12 Black balls in the other. What's the probability of drawing a black ball?
6. Two trains traveling towards each other meet each other at a point where the first train has already traveled 100 km. If the speed of the first train is 50 kmph and that of the second train is 40 kmph, what is the distance between their starting points?
7. What word is closest in meaning to the word: HOMILY. Options: demure, simple, homely, none of the above, don't know.
8. The price of two cars is in the ratio 4:5. If the price of the two cars increase by 25% and Rs. 50000 respectively, the new ratio becomes 9:10. What is the original price of the first car?
9. If a number is divided by 9, the remainder is 3. If two times the same number is divided by 9, what will be the remainder?

Tech questions:
1. Slip of an induction machine is 12%. Maximum torque is 300 Nm. If slip becomes 6%, what will be the maximum torque?
2. In a circuit, R=50 ohm, L=100mH, C=0.1uC. What is the Quality factor?
3. Resonant frequency=5Khz, and Q-factor=1. Then, bandwidth=?

So wasn't tough actually.. It was just the time limit. And since questions were long, it took time to read them and you had to immediately submit an answer otherwise time would be up.

1.from the given pair of words(4 pairs) you have to select the one that does not imply the relation as shown by the pair DEFAULT:PAYMENT…there were 4-5 qs. like that. the odd word amongst….pqr,stu,wxy,nml….
3.a word that is similar in meaning to DAILY.
4.word similar in meaning to PRAISE.
5.there was a data interpretation set…which talked about 6 persons…A,B,C,D,E,F…3 were male…A was married…C was son of A,E was uncle of C…and there were some other data about the age and relation amongst these people…based on that u are supposed to deduce various facts about their age and relationships.
6.a comprehension on weeds…described the rapid growth and troubles posed by the weeds and talked about plants that were resistant to weeds…it concluded with the author warning the reader that if weeds are allowed to grow then it might result in storage of weed seeds in the soil.The questions asked were mostly fact based.
7.there were 2-3 questions which asked me to fill in the blanks with most appropriate word….once u read the questions,the option becomes evident…needs no brainstorming.
8.another type was that …you are supposed to find a word that is appropriate for most of the situations (the situations were 4…and note that,it says"most"…not "all").
9.1 qs on probability…lady luck favoured dada…so what was his probability of winning the tosses in a 5 match series?
10.there were 3-4 questions on permutation/combination….selection of hats for 5 girls from a pool of 10…arrangement of the word ORION in a manner that it does not generate the words which have the "O"s together….
11.questions on profit/loss…a stone had its price proportional to its weight,it broke in the ratio 4:3:2:1,and u had to find loss…..3 boys had a joint venture;the ratio of their efforts were given and net profit was given,u had to find profit of a certain boy…similar JV question involving two persons.
12.they asked 3-4 speed distance questions…two trains approaching each other from 2 diff stations….two athletes running in a circular track.
13.ratio and proportion qs…a spring whose length was proportional to applied tension….gas whose volume was proportional to pressure and inversely proportional to temperature;now they decrease the pressure by a certain percentage and increased temp,u had to calculate the new volume…
14.cost price of certain no. of chairs was equal to selling price of certain no. of chairs…calculate gain.
………….now the tech. questions…
1.which effect increases conductivity…skin,proximity,corona?
2.merz-price protection is used for…txfrmr/alternator/motor?
3.who denote termination of protection zone…ct/pt/relay?
4.use of magnanin
5.voltage across a capacitor is doubled…now how much energy will it store?
6.strain gauge transducer is used to convert pressure to…?
7.use of coupling busbar for two alternators…
8.magnetising component of transformer is leading/lagging in terms of pf..?
9.if there was a lossless line then what is the relation between surge impedence and characteristic impedence?
10.two currents 50 sin wt and 100 sin (wt+45) are passed through a conductor…what is the net rms current?
11.what will be the value of power if the resistors were removed in a delta connection…
12.what will be the change of capacity of the transformers if wdg is changed from star to delta?
13.use of compensating winding…
there were many questions on dc motors..
14.dynamic breaking of motor…
15.value of magnetic field in case of a copper sphere of given radius at a given distance…
16.a circuit that consisted of a source supplying to two brunches in shunt…1 brunch had a resistor…other had a RE load…u need to find supply current…
17. relation between making and breaking capacity of cb.
18.di electric strength of air,paraffin,mineral oil….
19.force on conductor placed in magnetic field…
20…question on mmf calculation..
…all in all,they touched all the topics concerned with electrical engineering…a bit from here,a bit from there….
….right now i can't remember anything else…other guys are invited to add to this pool which i think is insufficient and lacks proper data…all contributions,corrections,additions,suggestions are welcome :)

And in the end, they ask: Do you have any questions for us? Keep a question ready. That shows that you are very interested in the job. I asked about accommodation facilities if selected.

Round 3; Interview by Mitesh KarwaMitesh Karwa, 23 Jul 2010 16:41

1. Please introduce yourself.
2. What is the difference between CRT, TFT and LCD tvs?
3. What is digital TV? How is the encoding done? What format is it transmitted: voltage signals or binary information?
4. What is the purpose of so many bands in radio transmission?
5. Can you make an FM receiver for me in Rs. 20? How?
6. How many types of transformers do you know? {power, instrument - CT, PT, isolating, audio transformers)
7. Tell us something more about the audio transformers and its special construction.
8. There is a sound heard when you operate transformers. What causes that sound? What is magnetostriction? What other types of noise could be there? {mechanical noises} What steps do you take to minimize them? How can you ensure that?
9. Please make the equivalent circuit of a transformer referred to the primary. How is this R2' and X2' determined? How does it depend on R2 and X2?
10. Electrical accessories in a car. {Thanks Shyam}
11. What is a thermistor? How does its resistance change with temperature?Please write down the formula for the change is resistance in a thermistor.
12. Do you know the symbol of a thermistor? (I said no…) Do you know the symbol of the rupee? (Yeh maine bana diya) :P

Round 3; Interview by Mitesh KarwaMitesh Karwa, 23 Jul 2010 16:40

Group 1. As a member of the Council of Ministers, discuss five steps you would take to control inflation.
Group 2. What steps would you propose to build better relations between India and Pakistan?

Round 2: Group Discussion by Mitesh KarwaMitesh Karwa, 23 Jul 2010 16:28

1.At what voltage,power generation is done in plants?
2.what are different types of transformers?
3.what type of insulation material is used in generators?
4.if we have 2 provide a traffic signal pole,what data u have 2 collect?

iocl qsnnnnnn by BAL MUKUNDBAL MUKUND, 15 Jul 2010 16:38

1.problems while starting induction motor? wat preventive measures u would take.?
2.what are the advantages of Traction motors?
3.IOCL environment has high contents of combustible gases.Which type of motors you wud use in such an environment?
4.What's the role of providing neutral in machines?
5.Working of tester?
6.What will happen "if the person is wearing Rubber shoes" and making use of tester..?
7.Which of the following is harmful? "OVER VOLTAGE" or "OVER CURRENT" to human body?
8.How much current a human body can handle?
9.What are thermal relays?
10.traction motors is preferrred for "Long distances" or "short distances"?

IOCL ....Anurag by Anurag UpadhyayAnurag Upadhyay, 13 Jul 2010 12:50

1. Tell me something about brushless excitation systems.
2. If you have a generator and you want to install another generator in parallel with it, what factors would you keep in mind?
3. What are the different schemes of protection used in a generator and what relays are used?
4. Should we use a relay for measuring overvoltage also in a generator?
5. Tell me about the different types of transmission losses.
6. Types of Relays and Circuit Breakers.
7. What is power factor?
8. Have you seen any circuit breakers connected to a Generating Transformer?
9. How many kinds of transformer do you know?
10. What is a relay?
11. Why is electric traction used in metro trains?
12. Why don’t we feel shock while travelling in an electric train/car?
13. Who is the Power Minister of India?
14. How does a CFL work?
15. How does a tube-light work?
16. What is corona?
17. What factors affect insulation of winding?
18. What kinds of faults occur in a transformer?
19. Transformer Oil deterioration parameters and Why is it deteriorated.
20. Transformer Oil Test.
21. How would you put oil inside the transformer?
22. How do you provide safety in the operation of transformers?
23. Transformer Oil properties.
24. How can you measure motor insulation?
25. Buchholz relay.
26. How can you detect breaks in transmission line?
27. How can you store electricity?
28. Hydroelectric power plant.
29. Measurement of Insulation / Meggar.

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